Thursday, September 8, 2011

Stuff from Years Gone By

I'm cleaning my classroom.  No, I'm REALLY cleaning my classroom.  I came across an attendance roster from March, 2011 with some MOA scribbled on them. 

Here they are:

As the ASB Advisor, I help the ASB students organize events including Mr. Prairie.  In previous years, Mr. Prairie has utilized young girls (ages 4-8ish) to act as escorts for the high school guy contestants.  Yes, the little girls are really adorable all dressed up in fancy dresses.  And yes, the notion creeps me out.  The kids were deciding if they wanted to use the young girls once again, and they kept referring to them as "little girl escorts."

Havig: "Can we not call them little girl escorts?  It just doesn't sound right."
Student 1:  "What's wrong with it?"
Havig:  "Doesn't it sound a little disturbing to you to call them little girl escorts?"
Student 2:  "No, our minds aren't polluted like that."

Reading a little Julius Caesar in Honors English II, and we were talking about Caesar's full name.

Student 1:  "So his real name was Gaius?"
Havig:  "Gaius. G-a-i-u-s, I think."
Student 2:  "Gaius?  How embarrassing.  It's like Gary.  No one wants that name."

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