Sunday, July 17, 2011

December 2009-ish

Here are some moments that made it into the notebook from the school year before last.  Enjoy!

Honors English II:
Student: "I'm going to marry Lady Gaga, and we're going to have beautiful babies."
Havig: "Isn't she a bit old for you?"
Student: "Maybe she's a cougar, and when I'm 18, she'll pounce."

For whatever reason, we were discussing Disney movies and the number of characters who have been orphaned or who have lost one parent. 
Student: "They're not orphans if they have one parent. It would be like half.  They're an orph."

We were working on Paragraph Writing Strategies which involves a lot of note taking.  One of the example paragraphs was information about turtles.
Student: "If a turtle lost its shell, would it be naked or homeless?"
Havig: "Yes."

Creative Writing:
Student 1: "Have you seen the Blue Collar Comedy Tour?"
Havig: shakes head
Student 1: "Well, they have this thing where they use words to make sentences..."
Student 2 interrupting: "Dude, everyone uses words to make sentences."

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