Sunday, July 17, 2011

It's Back!!!

Alright sports fans, people have been hounding me about putting some moments up, and I found my stash from last year.  As in the 2009-2010 school year. 

First I have some from the year before that, so these are my froshies who will actually be seniors next year.

These were from when we were finishing up the year with a little Romeo & Juliet.
Student 1: "What is an example of dramatic irony in Act IV?"
Student 2: "Friar John. When we learn that Friar John didn't get the message to Romeo because he was held up by the plague."
Student 3: "And ninjas."
Havig: "Not ninjas."
Student 1: "I figured that part out."

Student: "So she (Juliet) sucks his lips to get poison?"
Havig: "She kisses him. She doesn't suck his lips."
Student: "I would. He's hot!"

On to an Honors English II moment when they were working on their Julius Caesar and Macbeth video projects.  In short, they pick one of the plays, rewrite the script and film it. 
Student: "So people die in both plays."
Havig: "Right."
Student: "How accurately can we portray the deaths?"
Havig: "Well, don't actually kill anyone...please."
Student to other group member, "Uh, Student 2, we might need to re-shoot that scene."

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