Friday, January 15, 2010

ECMOA for the Week of May 25 - June 5, 2009

It has been well established that I am a slacker. However, I promise to post the rest of last year’s moments this weekend. I’ve also been piling up the moments for this year.


We’ll start things off with a little Romeo & Juliet.

“See? They use a rope ladder. It is just like using her hair.”
- this particular student was convinced that R&J was just like Rapunzel.

While looking at a picture in the textbook from the 1963 version of the movie:
Student #1: “This is like a horror movie.”
Havig: “Oh, the picture?”
Student #1: “There’s a squid in that jar.”
Havig: “No, that’s just the liquid spilling over.”
Student #2 to Student #1: “What is wrong with you?!”

When Juliet “dies” and Romeo visits her tomb to die by her side:
Student #1: “How can that not tell she’s not dead? You just have to listen to their stomach.”
Student #2 “Their stomach?”
Student #1: “Y’know, their breastal region.” (said while circling his hand over his breastal region)

“You said that Lady Montegue died of grief, but really she was assassinated by ninjas.”

“That’s a lot of suck.”
- on the ending of R&J

“Jesus loves you, so it’s okay.”
- reasoning that it would be more logical for Friar Laurence to kill Juliet instead of sending her to a nunnery.

Student #1: “So it’s like the Prince and then Safeway and Fred Meyer.”
Havig: “Exactly.”
Answering another student’s question about who rules Verona and how the two families fit in.

Vocab moments:
“When I wrote it down, I wrote turdious.”
- instead of tedious

At some point I appointed a student (student #4) to be my minion and told her how she had to do my bidding. Later in the semester, minion was one of their vocab words. For their vocab assignments, they draw a picture to help them remember the word.
Student #1: “I drew a picture of Student #4 for minion.”
Student #2: “So did I!”
Student #3 “Me too!”

Other freshman moments:
Student #1: “Why would you eat raisins when you could eat chocolate?”
Student #2: “Why don’t you like raisins?”
Student #1: “They’re disgusting and taste like old lady.”

“Don’t, or I will punch you in the face. Twice.”
- one girl jokingly to another about the second girl putting her hair up.