Sunday, April 12, 2009

ECMOA for March 16-27

Phew, it's been quite the month. Here are the moments leading up to Spring Break.

Moment 1:
Student 1 had some kind of wound on his ankle, and he peeled off the gauze during class. For some reason unknown to decent humanity, he started smelling the gauze.

Havig: “Did you just smell that again?”
Student 2: “You’re smelling that?!”
Havig: “Twice!”
Student 3: “Ugh, that’s disgusting.”
Student 1: “It smells like mentholatum.”
Student 2: “Why do you keep doing that?!”
The conversation calmed down a bit.
Student 2: “There is nothing worse than seeing someone pick off their own scab.”
Havig: “It’s worse if they eat it.”
Student 2: “Ahhhh!!!”
Havig: “Little kids do that.”
Student 3: “Thanks a lot. (putting down food) I was going to eat some craisins, but not any more.”

Moment 2:
These are all from my 5th period English I class.

“It was supposed to be nice today!”
Student wearing shorts while it was snowing outside in response to comments from other students.

“Can you use Law & Order as an example instead? I like that show better.”
Student after I used CSI to explain their vocab word, latent.

Student 1: “Hey, I heard you used to be a bit of a chunkster.”
Student 2: “Who me? (smiles sheepishly) Yeah.”

Havig: “So I’m going to read chapter nine to you.”
Student: “You are? Shut up! (pauses) Not literally.”

A kid switched schools from our district rival school. He was proclaiming that BGHS was way better than Prairie. The student in front of him turned around, looked at him, and swiped his soda bottle onto the floor in response. I just thought it was pretty funny.

Moment 3:
And not to be outdone, these moments are from my 1st period English I class.

“Did you fart? ‘Cause you just blew me away.”
This, apparently is a pick up line. No word yet on how well it works.
“What are you trying to say? Use your words. You’re not five.”
One student to another student who was gesturing to another student.

Moment 4:
One student in my 4th period class uttered these words of brilliance in an explanation of me.
“I think I figured you out. You have two emotions: sarcasm and annoyance, and that’s it. No sympathy, sadness, depression, anger. Well, annoyance can lead to anger. But still, no happy or anything. Just sarcasm and annoyance.

I have to say, I have never heard anyone so succinctly explain me. I’m not sure if my mom knows me that well.

Wish us all luck as we tackle the last few WASL tests for the year. Have a great week!