Tuesday, September 20, 2011

More Old Stuff

Like I  mentioned in the last post, I'm cleaning my classroom.  Just today I found a bell schedule from 2007 in my podium.  I recycled it.  The good news for you is that I'm finding more old English Class Moments of Awesomeness.  Enjoy!

From spring 2011:
(These were near the top of a pile of papers.)

Honors English II while reading Julius Caesar:

Student 1: "It's in the 1700s!" (On why Brutus and Caesar wouldn't have played Wii together.)

Student: "When is Caesar's birthday?  Is it July?"
Havig: "I don't know."
Student: "Because he totally seems like a Leo."

Still Honors English II, but a more random conversation:
Student: "There's nothing wrong with animal nudity!"
On Mickey Mouse's and Donald Duck's partial nudity in a conversation of the incompatibilities and questions that SpongeBob SquarePants raises. 

More Honors English II:
(If you don't know this yet, my partner gave birth to our daughter, Abby, in September, 2010.  I may have talked about my kiddo off and on with my students.)

Student 1: "You haven't told a baby story in a long time."
Student 2 (singing to a Justin Bieber song): "Baby, baby, baby story."
Student 3: "No Justin Bieber. Ever."

That's it for this round.  I have some gems from the spring of 2009 to share with you including the infamous "water cage" moment.

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