Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Invasion of the Post-it Notes ! ! !

These moments are from the past few months, and possibly years. I found a stash of post-it notes in, on, and around my desk. I’m including them in this special edition since I’ve been slacking a bit on regular posting the past few weeks.

Here you go. Enjoy!

Those familiar with the blog (or my class) know that I show a really cheesy version of The Pit and the Pendulum starring Vincent Price to my sophomores. Here are some student comments on the film:

“Let’s split up and look for clues, gang!”
-as the characters hear an odd noise coming from the dungeon area

“That’s why you bring a gun!”
- when Elizabeth (who is supposed to be dead) exits the casket

“And shut the door! Are you on crack?! Just for that, I hope he dies.”
- after Nicolas makes a really slow and poorly executed escape from Elizabeth’s corpse

Havig: “If I ever go crazy and start repeating a word over and over again, I want it to be a better word than ‘true.’” (which is what Nicolas repeats over and over as he runs away from Elizabeth’s corpse)
Student 1: “Yeah, like a long complicated word.”
Student 2: “Like parabola.”

“I’d try to fall asleep or something.”
- student on what he would do if he was tortured Pit & the Pendulum style

“A lot of people don’t know this, but he also invented the Care Bears.”
- student on the biography of Edgar Allan Poe

Here are some quotes from my freshmen last year:

“All kinds of ice cream are equal in my eyes.”
- student’s response on his favorite flavor of ice cream

“Otherwise it wouldn’t be called ‘notes.’ It would be called ‘read.’”
- student answering another student’s question of ‘do we have to write this down?”

The seniors even had a quote of their own:

Student 1: “I hate chap stick!”
Student 2: “I know. You always have dry and cracked lips.”

I hope you enjoyed this edition. Look back for a new posting sometime this weekend.