Sunday, March 22, 2009

Prairie Talent Show

Here are the videos from my comedy routine for Prairie's Key Club Talent Show.

Part I

Part II

Part III

Sunday, March 15, 2009

ECMOA for February 16 - March 13, 2009

There are only two weeks until Spring Break! Not that I'm counting...

Moment 1:

My freshmen completed an assignment called the Who Am I? box where they share important objects or photos that tell the class more about them. My fifth period class was talking about what kinds of objects they were going to include in their boxes, and a few girls were talking about the Bratz Dolls of their childhoods.

Student 1: They (Bratz Dolls) do not dress appropriately.”
Havig: “Not a lot of meeting the dress code.”
Student 2: “That’s because they don’t dress. The don’t wear clothes.”
Student 3: “I don’t like Bratz Dolls. They’re ugly.”
Student 2: “And they used to try to be Barbies. Oh wait, that was just me playing.”

Moment 2:
“Can I borrow a Band-Aid, but forever. Like not give it back?”
Personally, that’s the only kind of borrowing of Band-Aids of which I approve.

Moment 3:
One of the students in 4th period made a future life plan for another student documenting her future marriage and children. There was some conversation while one student was trying to explain it to another student. At some point in time, the student whose life had been planned mentioned her cousin getting married. Another student responed:
“What? You’re marrying your cousin? I know you’re from Amboy, but seriously.”

Moment 4:
Sophomores are reading Don Quixote at the moment, and one student was talking about a quote in the novel.
Student 1: “I don’t speak French. I speak normal.”
Student 2: “It’s in Spanish.”

Student 1: "Oh."

Moment 5:
I’m trying to convince my 5th period freshmen that The Office is really funny and worth watching. They do not agree with me.
“Oh, is that an inside joke from The Office? That’s why it’s not funny to us.”

Moment 6:
I showed my freshmen the opening clip from Dead Poet’s Society as part of background information for A Separate Peace. There are bagpipes playing at the opening ceremony.
“Oh, the music of my people!”

Moment 7:
Now, my 5th period class is quite the bunch of distractible kids. One student asked which of two students who sit up by the front are more distracting.
Havig: “I think Student 1 is more distracting than Student 2.”
Student 2: “Thanks, I think. Wait, did you say attractive?”
Havig: “No. (laughing) I said distracting.”
Student 2: “Oh, I thought you said attractive.”
Havig: “That would be a little weird, wouldn’t it?”
Student 2: “Yeah, I guess it would.”

Moment 8:
Student 1 is in a marketing class, and had made an advertisement for Cheerios.
Student 1: “If you say this walking down the hall, would you buy Cheerios?”
Havig: “Well, I like Cheerios anyway, so I wouldn’t need much convincing.”
Student 2: “Ooh, me too. I love Cheerios. I took the 6-week challenge, and my cholesterol went down.”

Have a fantastic week!